How to make your beard grow slower with Bluebeards Revenge!

How to make your beard grow slower with Bluebeards Revenge!

Have you ever found yourself thinking “If I could just find a way to stop my beard from growing that fast…”? Relax! You're not the first to think like that – and I have actually found a way to do it! Or at least – that's what the people behind the new Bluebeards Revenge Luxury Shaving Cream says.

Paraben free
The Bluebeards Revenge cream is free of the “claimed to be hormone disprupting” parabens. This is a great plus for me. I don't know if parabens are bad or not – but if we can make products without it, I believe we should! Bluebeards Revenge does contain other stuff, like the new “Decelerine”, but according to the sources I have been able to find online, it doesn't contain anything dangerous!

Smells good, feels good
The Bluebeard Revenge cream is a classic shaving cream with a nice and subtle scent. It is not a scent that will blow you away – but on the other hand, it is extremely nice and balanced.

The Shaving Detective rating
According to the people behind the Bluebeards Revenge, you will get the full effect of the Decelerine after a month or more. I haven't had time to test this, but even without the effect of the Decelerine I would recommend the Bluebeards Revenge as a very good shaving cream!

Oh – and by the way… Once you get your own can of Bluebeards Revenge, you should remember to read all the recommendations and warnings on the package. They are all priceless, funny and adds to the charming presentation of something as dull as shaving cream.

In my eyes, the Bluebeards Revenge stands out as a well branded, high quality product – with the added bonus of Decelerine to slow down your beard growth.

You can read more about Bluebeards Revenge Luxury Shaving Cream at
Goodfella Double Edge Razor

Goodfella Double Edge Razor

The market for Double Edge razors is usually quite predictable with the german Merkur razors as some of the most popular models. But every now and then, a new player hits the market. One of these players is the New Zealand based KiwiShaver, who present a beautiful and stylish razor – in a classic design. Meet the Goodfella.

The Goodfella is a classic chrome Double Edge razor in a clean, almost clinical, design. At first, it struck me as a very small razor, but it actually handles extremely well and is perfectly balanced. The Goodfella was my first attempt at a DE razor, and I must say that it impressed me with its great looks and the gentle shave it provides.

At first, I thought that the short and slick handle would be slippery and hard to hold once it got wet. It turned out to fit perfectly in my hand – and never slipped a bit! The centre of balance was perfect for me, but I will not guarantee that it will fit anyone just as good. Like it goes for any other razor, it really is a matter of preference.

The Goodfella is not an aggressive razor – in fact, you have to try quite hard to cut yourself with the open comb design. For anyone who wants to move from the cartridge type of razor (like Gillette Fusion Proglide or Shick Hydro), the Goodfella is a great place to start.

A few days ago, I bought my second DE razor – a vintage Gillette Old Style from around 1910. The Goodfella and the Old Style are very similar in the design, size and general feel. And when you look at the two, it's hard to see that a hundred years have passed. At least when it comes to design. They are both beautiful additions to my bathroom counter – and both provide a great, gentle shave.

The backside of getting a beatiful, well crafted razor from a young company – and even with a stunning lifetime guarantee – is a price tag in the high end of the market. The basic version of the Goodfella sells at appr. USD $69. But if you want a mild DE razor with a classic look – I believe the Goodfella is a great catch! I know I will hang on to mine!

You can read more about the Goodfella on their website.

RazorPit review

RazorPit review

The RazorPit – reviewed by Shaving Detective

One of the reasons I started the ShavingDetective website, was the frustration I felt every time I had to buy new cartridges for my Gillette and Wilkinson shavers. I believe everyone who use shavers with replaceable cartridges have felt this way.

If you want to continue using a replaceable shaver (and not go for either Double Edge blades or electrical shavers), there is only one way to save money. Make your blades last longer!

To make your blades last for more than just a few shaves, you must either accept some extra drag on your face as the older blades gets dirty and blunt – or use one of the few “blade savers” on the market. But which of these should you go for? I have just tested the RazorPit – and as I mentioned in an earlier post, it claims to prolong the lifetime of your cartridges.

How I tested the RazorPit

For this review, I took two brand new Gillette Fusion cartridges, and marked one with a “+” and one with a “-“. I used each of them every second day. After each shave, the “+”-cartridge was cleaned using the RazorPit. The “-“-cartridge was cleaned using nothing but hot water. Both cartridges were put to dry in RazorPits built-in stand.

First impressions

The silicon coated plastic which the RazorPit is made of doesn't look fancy at all. It certainly won't win any design awards on its looks – but on the other hand it feels quite robust and provides a nice “docking station” for your Gillette razor. It works great with the original Fusion razor, but the latest Fusion ProGlide Power is too big to fit. (I guess the normal ProGlide without the battery will fit, though). You can still clean your ProGlide power using the RazorPit – it just won't fit in the stand afterwards. So it's a minor detail I guess.

The RazorPit is extremely simple to use – just put some foam on the surface, and push the razor across it a few times after each shave. You can see a video of how it works in my previous post, “RazorPit – the Simple Revolution?“. It takes just a minute or two to use.

Does it work?

The ads claim you will get up to 150 shaves per blade. That may be true under some conditions. But I never got to that amount. Even so, the RazorPit did in fact make my blades last longer!

The “+”-blade (Cleaned using the RazorPit) lasted for 24 days. Compare that to the 6 days of the blade cleaned using hot water only… That's 18 days extra – or a stunning 300% improvement!

The price of the RazorPit is about the same as 8 new Fusion cartridges. If the RazorPit works just as well for you as it did for me, it will practically be saving you money from day one.

Using replaceable cartridges like Gillettes Fusion or Schicks Hydro blades is more expensive than using a traditional double edge razor. But it is also easier and faster. With the RazorPit, you can use each blade for a little longer – and save money even by using the replaceable cartridges!

On a 5-star scale, I would give the RazorPit 4 stars. It works great, but to get the fifth star, the RazorPit would need to come up with a nice travel pouch or something Рand a stand that will take the new Fusion ProGlide Power as well.. But for now, I guess the RazorPit is the best you can buy to improve the lifetime of your razor blades. You can get the Razorpit  from Amazon or from Razorpits own website,

Gillette Fusion ProGlide review

Gillette Fusion ProGlide review

Gillette Fusion Proglide

We have got our hands on the new Fusion ProGlide. Read our first impressions!

I have just tried the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide for the first time. It was released in the US on June 6, 2010. According to Gillette, the ProGlide should be much more comfortable than any of their previous models! Read on to see how my face is feeling right now!

And more importantly; Can my wife really feel the difference on my face between a “classic” Fusion shave and a Fusion ProGlide shave? Read on! (more…)

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